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Porth Chapel

Thursday 8th August 2013

Porth Chapel Beach

Porth Chapel Beach – 16mm, 1 sec at f11, iso50

You cannot trust the British weather  We have had some glorious days.  Thursday is our night out for photography and the weather is cloudy, windy and drizzly!   We were planning on photographing the heathers on top of St Agnes Beacon but on arrival made a late change and decided to head down to the nearby beach at Porth Chapel.  The above shot is my 206th photo of exactly the same scene in a run of 250 images that I was taking in order to make a time lapse movie; 250 one second exposure photos at 5 second intervals.  I have got some lovely shots of the waves but decided to show this one as I very rarely have people in my photos (there were lots of tourists about).  This was my first go at a time lapse movie.  I shot in medium quality Jpeg to reduce the files sizes but now wish I hadn’t as I did get some lovely images which I would have preferred to have been in the RAW format.  I also shot in automatic exposure mode, which I have now found out you shouldn’t for time lapse movies and I also should have shot at below f8.  I also think I didn’t have the right interval time.  But it has been a good learning curve and will have a few more goes at time lapse to see if I can improve.

I couldn’t find out how to upload the video to my blog.  I think I have to pay $60 dollars for an add on extra so I opened a free Vimeo account, uploaded the time lapse movie, and then made a link on my blog to the video.


250 frames at 25 frames per second should make a 10 second movie but for some reason mine came out at 8 seconds.  I also had a few problems uploading the video to Vimeo.  I deleted my first upload which did take a long time and I got a friendly warning about the large file size so I then used the Vimeo recommended settings to prepare the Mp4 file for upload.  The upload was then very quick but I feel the quality is not so good.


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