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Corn Marigold and Purple Viper’s Bugloss

27th June 2013


Corn Marigold

Corn Marigold

We try to go to Boscregan Farm every year to photograph the wild flowers.   This National Trust farm manages some of the fields in such way as to encourage wild flowers and therefore help improve wildlife diversity.   We should have been looking at a blaze of yellow and purple.   However, there were hardly any flowers in the fields.  We are hoping it is just because the poor weather has delayed flowering and so we are planning to revisit in a couple of weeks time.  To make matters worse our visit was shrouded in thick mist; the start of 5 days of mist in West Penwith!  Luckily,  I managed to find a happy little marigold to photo.  I hope you like it.   Now in July, we are in the middle of a heatwave so I’m hoping for good results when we revisit.


A Longhorn comes over to say hello.

A longhorn comes over to say hello.

Boscregan Farm has a magical setting in West Penwith on the north Cornish coast, just a few miles south of St Just, overlooking Land’s End and the Longships Lighthouse.  Take the long narrow road, next to Land’s End aerodrome, park at the bottom at Nanquidno, and walk a little way north on the coast.  An added bonus; the cliffs here are home to a small herd of Longhorn cattle.


Nanquidno Grasses

Nanquidno Grasses

After photographing the flowers we did venture to the seashore but you could hardly see the sea because of the mist.  I turned my camera around and took this photo to show the lovely grasses looking quite striking in the mist.


Purple Viper's Bugloss

Purple Viper’s Bugloss

There had been a few purple viper’s bugloss in the fields and I did manage to get this photo.  In the UK it is a rare flower.  Apparently, in some countries it has become invasive and somewhat of a weed.


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  1. Very nice photos, all of them.

    July 13, 2013 at 10:08 pm

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