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Sancreed Church

31st March 2013

Today being Easter Sunday I thought I would take a picture of a church.   Sancreed Church lies more or less in the middle of the West Penwith penninsula of Cornwall.  The present church dates mainly from the 15th century though there appears to have been a church on this site in the 12th century, and maybe even much further back in time there was a place of worship nearby next to the holy well.  It is believed that Sancreed is named after St Credan, a missionary, who arrived here from Ireland around the year 580.

Sancreed Church

Sancreed Church

The churchyard looks lovely in spring amid a mass of primroses.  There are 5 stone crosses in the churchyard.  The tallest is 9 ft long and opinion as to its date vary from the 8th to the 11th century.

Stone cross on path leading to the church entrance.

Stone cross on path leading to the church entrance.

The stone cross is sculptured on all sides, though erosion and particularly the growth of lichens make it difficult to see, although one can easily make out the figure of Jesus.

Many artists are buried in the graveyard including the tragic Edith Florence Munnings, the first wife of Sir Alfred Munnings who is the subject of a book “Summer in February” which is about to be released as a film starring Dan Stevens of Downton Abbey fame.


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