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Fly Agaric Fungi

Friday 19th October 2012


I have my wife to thank for this photo.   On a recent holiday to Dartmoor, walking back to Castle Drogo from Fingle Bridge along the river Teign I wanted to use the Fisherman path and climb Sharp Tor but Dorothy wanted to use the Forester path on the opposite bank.  Well,  as Dorothy keeps saying, I should listen to her more often because we did use the Forester path and lo and behold we came upon a lovely group of fungi under the shade of a tree right on the bank of the river.  I did not have my tripod with me so below is a hand held shot of this beautiful fungus.

A lovely deep red fly agaric fungus.


I returned two days later with my tripod.  The colour and shape had already changed.

Note the change in shape and colour.


I took another shot of this fungus showing the rest of the other fungi and the river in all its glory.

Fly Agaric fungi on the bank of the River Teign.



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