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Wild Cats and more…

Saturday 22nd September 2012

Our camera club’s summer programme of field trips has finished and we are well into the winter programme.   However an extra event was scheduled which may turn out be the last of our field trips for this year.  And what an event it was – a whole day photographing wildlife.

Harvest Mouse on Reed

Harvest Mice on Dock

Harvest Mice on Corn

The harvest Mice were very sweet but not nearly as thrilling as this beautiful fox.

Fox in the Grass

Love that Bushy Tail

This wild cat looks very sweet but you wouldn’t want to cuddle him (or her?)

Wild Cat

Wild Cat (white balance adjusted)

The top shot is more or less straight out of the camera.  In the second photo I have adjusted the white balance to reflect the colours as I remember them.

Wild Cat showing Teeth

I took lots of shots of the otters.  Most were out of focus or I had exposure problems dealing with the sunny conditions.


Otter having a bite to eat

Otter turning round

Dig this little water vole!

Water Vole

Water Vole and Reflection

You don’t get Muntjacs in England but we found some!



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