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Land’s End

Thursday 9th August 2012

Not so many of us turn up tonight.  Warm, sunny evening and we get a sunset.  This was rounded off with a firework display at the visitor centre.  I didn’t take any pics of the fireworks!   It is much easier taking photos of the sunset once the sun has gone down.  The photo below of the Longships Lighthouse was taken about 15 minutes after the sun disappeared over the horizon.

lands end 21:12hrs

In the photo below I try to get the heathers lit by the sun.   Turning 90 degrees and looking south down the coast the heathers, grass and granite are lit beautifully – as is another photographer, so I didn’t bother with that shot!  If I turned 90 degrees north I would have got the visitor centre in the shot.  I didn’t take that shot either as I did not want to be reminded there were a thousand people there.  I wanted to pretend it was just me, the cliffs, the sea and the sky!  This was taken about 15 minutes before the sun went down.  The sky appears much darker in this shot than it actually was as I try and control the huge fireball of the sun.

lands end 20:39hrs

In this next shot the sun has just disappeared.

Lands end 20:53hrs

This next shot shows the arch of Enys Dodnan and the jagged rocks of The Armed Knight looking towards the Longships Lighthouse and towards, if you believe in such things, the lost lands of Camelot.

lands end 21:09hrs

This was my last shot of the evening taken 25 minutes after susnet.

lands end 21:19hrs

Next week we are at Rosewall Hill for the heathers, granite formations and the Atlantic Ocean.  Last year we were there and the hill was covered in thick mist!  We are hoping for better weather but the forecast is not great.  Come and join us!  90 minutes of photography on Rosewall Hill.  We meet at 7.30pm Thursday 16th August –  Rosewall Hill, just outside St Ives, meet in the layby beside B3306 adjacent to the hill.


2 responses

  1. Great photos. I try my hardest to have no-one in my photos too if I can help it, gives a different feeling to the photograph – just you & the world.

    August 12, 2012 at 10:25 pm

    • Yes, I like ti think of it in those terms – “just you and the world” – …even if it isn’t true!

      August 13, 2012 at 7:17 pm

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