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Gwennap Head

Thursday evening 19th July 2012

First sunny Thursday evening for a month. We are at Gwennap Head. No sitings of basking sharks or choughs but we do see a seal enjoying the swell of the inshore sea. However we do get some sort of sunset. The next photo shows me making the Longships Lighthouse look small.

Me taking a photo of Longships Lighthouse.

The above photo was taken with a long lens. Below is a photo take by me, from where I am standing in the above photo, about 10 minutes after the sun had gone down. It is taken with a 25mm wide angle lens and look how small the lighthouse now appears.

From Gwennap Head looking towards Lands End.

Just before the sun went down I took this shot of the lighthouse. The whole scene was bathed in an orange glow but I have changed it in photoshop to show the blue sea and highlight the magical sea mist. A busy shipping lane passes west of the lighthouse. I didn’t bother cloning out the ship.

Sea mist, sunset and the Longships Lighthouse!

The sun picks out a clump of grasses on the Gwennap headland.


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