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Zennor Hill

Thursday evening 12 July 2012

Heavy rain all day.  Lots of mist and fog.  But then as evening arrives the rain subsides.  We park at Zennor and walk inland to the top of Zennor Hill.  Magnificent. We even get a few rays of sunshine out at sea.   The photo below picks out one beautiful piece of granite with the Atlantic Ocean beyond.  In between you can see the field systems of the small farms.  Fields that have been in constant use for over four thousand years.

Zennor Hill in July!

The next photo was taken over 15 years ago and shows what fantastic granite shapes there are on top of Zennor Hill.

Zennor Hill Granite

Looking west towards Lands End we see the next hill, Carn Galver.  This next photo was also taken about 15 years ago.  Taken from Carn Galver showing more ancient field systems,  Carn Galver Tin Mine and beyond that Bosigran, a fantastic granite crag for climbers.

Carn Galver

Just at the back of Carn Galver we have a magnificent standing stone, Men Scryfa.  In the following photo, again taken a long time ago, you can see the granite outcrop of Carn Galver in the distance.

Men Scryfa

And just next to Men Scryfa we have Men An Tol

Men An Tol

I hope you enjoy the above photos.


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